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Support for Public Transit


Pandemic Response and Recovery

U.S public transit systems continue to struggle to regain ridership since the beginning of the Pandemic. As reported (November 2, 2021) by Fortune, it could take large public transit systems 10 years or more to recover ridership to pre-pandemic 


The American Rescue Plan Act provided more than $30 billion for U.S. public transit systems, primarily to ensure that transit systems could maintain operations for the near term, but also for limited assistance on capital projects. Funding must be obligated by transit systems by the end of FY 2024, with all funding disbursed by the end of 2029. How long these funds last towards ensuring operations while ridership recovers will depend on the conditions of each system including the pace of ridership recovery.

(updated: 2-2-22)


Infrastructure Act - Transit Funding

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act included a 43% increase above base funding levels (i.e., outside of temporary American Rescue Plan Act funding) for public transit support to include:

  • $8 billion for new and/or expanded high capacity bus/rail service;

  • $5.3 billion for bus and rail vehicles that have low and/or no ("low-no") emissions; 

  • $4.8 billion for bus and rail infrastructure repair and maintenance; and, 

  • $2 billion to improve public transit access for seniors and persons with disabilities.

(updated: 2-2-22)


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