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Final Full-Year FY 2023 Funding

FY 2023 omnibus appropriations legislation, covering  $1.7 trillion worth of Federal spending, passed the Congress and was signed into law by President Biden (December 29).

The new law provides a total annual funding increase of $135 billion (+8.3%) for FY 2023 is significantly higher than last year's $88 billion, 6.2% increase (FY 2022).

Defense activities, funded primarily through the Department of Defense, received the bulk of the funding increase–$69 billion–with the remainder increase–$66 billion–funding all other (non-defense) discretionary programs.

The legislation also includes special supplemental funding for disaster response and recovery totaling more than $38 billion, as well as a $47 billion funding supplemental for Ukraine-related needs.

A full summary breakdown of the details can be found HERE.

(posted: 1-13-22)


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