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Policy Services

Tim Rosado

You can count on me

I have worked in the development, effective dissemination, and management of policy and policy information for more than 30 years on congressional staff, at the White House, and in several Federal agencies.


I began my career as a staffer for Congressman Thomas Downey, a leader in Congress on child welfare, trade, and tax matters. Following my time with the Congressman, I supported the House Committee on Ways and Means responding to tax policy inquiries from Congressional offices and the public. After Ways and Means, I worked on a variety of domestic policy matters for both Representative Leon Panetta of California and Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania. While on the Hill, I earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.


After leaving the Hill, I worked for eight years in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), an arm of the White House, in three different offices: Education, Transportation, and Homeland Security. Over those eight years I was a primary staff lead on numerous major policy issues including government-wide responses to 9/11, such as the creation and deployment of the Transportation Security Administration; aviation system technology and operational modernization; and higher education programs legislative reauthorization.


I joined the Department of Homeland Security in 2005 and finished my federal career in the Department of Commerce. Over those 16 years, I rose through the ranks in management, resource planning, and financial communities while taking on challenging policy matters in areas such as immigration, border security, information technology, workforce development, and organizational transformation. 

How I can help you

With decades of experience analyzing, writing, and effectively disseminating policy information, I can help meet any organizational policy need effectively with well-written, insightful, and concise analysis. Such analysis can cover actual or potential legislation, resources, regulation, and program development and execution, all with an experienced, insider eye on both the operational and political dynamics of the Federal Government.


I can help on a project basis, as a temporary force multiplier to an in-house policy team, or on a retainer basis for active and ongoing policy-oriented support.


Please reach out to me at any time to discuss your needs. I can be reached at 703-298-5287 and via email at

Having great situational awareness is critical to organizational and business success, and public policy is a vital component of such awareness.

With so much information available, distilling and processing the most relevant policy information for near-term strategy or longer-term consideration and planning, can be a challenge. That’s where I come in: helping you achieve strong policy situational awareness by delivering the most important information, in a timely way, and in the most digestible form that works best for you.

Working from Home

Questions? Please Reach Out to Me.

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